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Episode 49: Stop wasting money on more courses

Welcome to episode 49.

I don’t know about you, but I love to learn. I love books, podcasts, courses – pretty much anything that can teach me how to be better.

But what I’ve discovered is that learning comes with a double edge sword.

It’s something that helps propel you forward, while at the same time it holds you back.

This past week in our SFL Mastermind we’ve been talking a whole lot about taking courses and when is the right time to upskill and increase your capability in a specific area.

Upgrading your knowledge and skillset is important. However, when you are making these kinds of investment decisions – when they from fear you will find yourself spinning in a vortex of overwhelm and spending endless dollars into programs that are not right for you or timely for where you are at in your business.

In this episode we’ll explore:

  • How fear is affecting your decision making and as a result having you spin your wheels, signing up for course after course
  • How to determine what are the right courses for you to be investing in so you stop feeling bad and guilty about all the unfinished courses sitting on your desk.
  • How to prevent yourself from spending oodles of money on courses you don’t need and how to consciously choose the right ones that will give you back an immediate return on investment.

Ready to learn more? Tune in!


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