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Episode 53: The Advice Ripple Effect with Julie Littlechild

Welcome to episode 53. Today I have Julie Littlechild joining me.

Julie is the Founder & CEO of Absolute Engagement, a firm that provides innovative technology, tools and guidance to help advisors – and advisory firms – use input from clients to drive profound engagement and significant growth. Julie has worked with and studied successful financial advisors and their clients for more than twenty years and conducts one of the largest investor research studies to examine what clients need, want and expect. She is the author of a popular blog, the co-host of the Becoming Referable podcast, and the author of The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement Julie sat on the national board of the Financial Planning Association, was twice identified as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Financial Planning and won the Influencer Award in practice management. She works in the US, Canada, UK and Europe and holds an MBA from the University of Toronto.

Today in this episode Julie and I talk about absolute engagement, why we need it and why it’s important. We also discuss the need for becoming a financial partner and acting more of as a coach, and the impact that has.

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • Why is Absolute Engagement important and what steps can someone take to achieve it?
  • What are the various ways we can specialize or niche when we want different things?
  • How can advisors build trust with clients and feel more confident?
  • The advice ripple effect – how you’re affecting people more than you know.


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