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Episode 55: How your Brain can Help you Sell More with Tara Heaton

Welcome to episode 55. 

Today Tara Heaton, the founder of En Pointe Communication is joining me on this episode.

Tara created this consulting business by applying her years of neuroscience research to her years of leadership, sales and presentation experience. Her clients are purpose-driven leaders, speakers and salespeople who are looking to improve their ability to influence teams, audiences and prospects.
Before En Pointe, Tara worked for 23 years in sales, sales management and as vice-president of sales for a $400M+ national corporation. Interestingly and quite tragically, Tara’s daughter was struck with a rare virus in 2005. What ensued was a lifetime of seizures that have caused gradual and significant brain damage. This catapulted Tara into a lifelong, mono-maniacal study of the brain as it relates to memory, human behavior, habit and function.

These years of study, paralleled with Tara’s devotion to the art and sport of communication, inspired her Talk To The Brain platform. With an eBook, speeches, workshops and coaching, Tara teaches strategies and techniques based on the neuroeconomics of what delights and influences the minds of audiences in today’s noisy world.

On this episode Tara and I talk a bit about her daughter, her experience and how she navigated through all of it. We also talk about the brain, how it holds us back from selling and how our brain is wired to help us actually get better results.

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • Finding our way of processing our emotions
  • How the brain holds us back from selling
  • How we can use insights from how our brain is wired to help us get better results
  • What we can do to prepare ourselves to help manage the fears that show up
  • How adrenaline can actually help us in our selling
  • What to do when you don’t believe in the product or service you are selling
  • How to self manage a little bit better, slow down the connection through the device and increase the connection through human touch.

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Ready to learn more? Tune in!

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