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Episode 57: How to use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Welcome to episode 57. Today I have Mike Freed joining me.

Mike Freed began his career in a hunter sales role at Cintas. He relocated to the US as a first-time manager where he fell in love with leadership.  After multiple President Club wins with Cintas, he came back to Canada when recruited by Grainger where he stayed 11 years in progressive roles up to Director of Sales Effectiveness nationally. He is currently Director of Sales at Boundary Electric, supporting crypto currency mining.

Mike is known for inspiring energy, inclusion, and results reliability. He leads with empathy and is a protective advocate of self-care, seeing this as a significant competitive advantage for people to reach their full potential. He loves seeing teams win and people grow, delivering value in partnering with customers as they compete in their market space.

On this episode Mike and I talk a bit about his journey and the mindset shift that happens when you become a leader. We also chat about how Mike uses LinkedIn as a platform to show up with energy and authenticity and also how bringing self-care into his life has allowed him to bring his best self to work

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • Why sales isn’t a numbers game. It’s an energy game
  • How to find your voice on LinkedIn
  • How to get your team to get them to get involved
  • How to have the courage to action
  • Why self-care is important and how it increases sales and results

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