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Podcast Ep60

Episode 60: How to Differentiate without Disparaging your Competition

Welcome to episode 60. In today’s episode, we’re going to talk about an exercise I took our SFL Accelerator members through a couple of weeks ago. It’s something that we do every quarter where we spend a couple hours, practicing and learning sales skills and learning how to do them more authentically so they feel good and easy.

Selling is a skill. It’s not something that we always know how to do. For some it comes a little bit more naturally and for the rest of us, it’s about learning how to do it better. And we do this through practice.

One of the skills that we were looking at during our skill builder sessions is refining and positioning. We discussed how to describe our value proposition and we had really good discussion around this whole idea of competition, and what can we call it instead of our competition. What’s your competitive edge? What makes you different?

I’ll take you through this exercise on today’s episode!

Specifically, here’s what you will learn:

  • An exercise around how you can differentiate yourself from your competition, without disparaging your competition
  • An example of how I did this exercise for my company

Ready to learn more? Tune in!

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