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What do you bring to the table?

What are the unique skills, expertise, personality, and experiences you bring that no one else does? How do you sell, build relationships, and solve problems differently from others? By answering these questions, you’ll understand your individual value and exactly what you bring to the table. 

There are three value propositions you’re always selling: 

  1. Individual Value.
  2. Client Value.
  3. Offer Value.

Today, we’ll dive deeper into the first value: your individual value.

Individual Value

Your individual value defines how you deliver your what.  

Everyone does a what—they sell mortgages, mutual funds and insurance, or courses, consulting, and advice.  But what everyone does differently is the how. 

  • How do you sell?
  • How do you build relationships?
  • How do you solve problems?
  • How do you get results? 

Your clients get your what (the products and services you sell) anywhere, but they can only get your how through you.

This is why it’s critical for you to know your individual value; it’ll differentiate you from others, give you more confidence (especially to sell and market yourself), and help you build stronger relationships with your clients.

Your Individual Value and Your Brilliant Difference™

Your individual value is best defined through something we call your Brilliant Difference™.  Your Brilliant Difference™ is made up of two parts:

  1. Your Brilliance: A compilation of your talents, gifts, personality, skills, knowledge, and experience. Your brilliance is unique to you and is different from others. It’s what makes you so special.
  2. Your Difference: It’s made to make a difference. This brilliant, unique, distinct package of you-ness is here to add value and make a meaningful difference to those you live and work with.

Your Brilliant Difference™ also helps you discover the meaning and purpose behind your work and life because you uncover your why. It’s the impact you make on the people you’re here to serve. In turn, this can bolster your work value. 

Look at your Brilliant Difference™ as the perfect solution to your ideal client’s problem. It’s the way to capture who you are, what makes you different, and the results you deliver, all in one place. When you create your personal brand and business around your Brilliant Difference™, you will:

  • Feel more confident.
  • Differentiate yourself in the marketplace.
  • Sell more naturally and authentically.
  • Attract and engage more clients.
  • Close more sales and grow your business.

The goal of your Brilliant Difference™ is to:

  1. Define who you are.
  2. Demonstrate your impact.
  3. Describe who others get to be.

The Your Brilliant Difference™ Value Triangle

Here’s an illustration of your Brilliant Difference™ Value Triangle:

When you sell from a place of love and integrity, when your goal isn’t to deliver transactions, rather fulfill transformations, you need to name your Brilliant Difference™, because it isn’t about you. It’s about the people you’re here to serve, the problems you’re here to solve, and the difference you’re here to make.

Let’s look at Apple as an example. Apple’s Brilliant Difference™ is: Think Different. In 1997, with a 60-second commercial, Steve Jobs declared to the world who Apple was, the impact they delivered, and who we got to be as consumers. Think Different stood for something more than a slogan or tagline. It was their north star for their revolutionary jellybean-coloured and gumdrop-shaped computer design, ground-breaking music pocket library, and a phone that forever altered how we connect and communicate. It also revealed who we were as Apple buyers. If you own an Apple product, you too are someone who identifies with “thinking differently”. Buying Apple says something about who you are or who you want to be.

“While some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who actually do.”

– Steve Jobs.

Get Clear on Your Individual Value

This is what your Brilliant Difference™ can do for you, your clients, and your impact. It dispels the fog and delivers a clear and concise message. It helps you defeat distraction and discerns why people should choose you. It gives you a reason to show up, do the hard work, and overcome the fears you face when selling your products and services. In turn, you’ll have a stronger sense of your self-value, allowing you to bolster self-confidence and perform to new heights. 

If you’re interested in defining your Brilliant Difference™ and you’re not sure where to start, read this blog.

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