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What is Your Business Differentiator? Beyond Benefits and Features 

A massive part of attracting and working with ideal clients is influencing people to resonate and get behind your business mission. It’s easier said than done in a noisy, online digital marketing sphere where other brands are posting content night and day. This is when businesses may turn to their brand guides. More specifically, their business differentiators, to see how they shine apart from others in their industry and how to leverage those differences. However, viewing a brand differentiator as a benefit or feature that makes you unique from other companies steals your attention from what you should really be focusing on: your people. Your team and clients. Let’s redefine business differentiator and discover how to attract clients with this new outlook.  

What is a Business Differentiator? The Brilliant Difference™ Style

Traditionally speaking, a business differentiator is a benefit or feature that sets you apart from competitors. 

To focus on what matters most, we’re not just redefining it, but giving it a new title too: a business Brilliant Difference™. 

In our Your Brilliant Difference programs, we often help people solidify and apply their individual Brilliant Differences™: 

  • Who they are.  
  • The value they deliver.  
  • Who others get to be from the value they deliver and who they are. 

A business Brilliant Difference™ goes above and beyond to form purposeful cohesion. It’s comprised of: 

  1. Who your business is.
  2. Who all the people on your team are.
  3. The impact your business delivers and how the impact your team delivers ties into it.  
  4. Who the business gets to be thanks to your team, and who clients get to be from partnering with your business. 

Essentially, a business Brilliant Difference™ (brand differentiator) helps you get so clear on your value and purpose, that you can more confidently communicate this in your marketing and sales efforts, better connecting you with ideal clients. 

Essentially, it’s not about how you compare with competitors but how you best communicate and deliver value to clients.  

3 Benefits of Implementing a Business Brilliant Difference™

1. Mission Alignment

Having everyone aligned on a single mission and purpose is business growth harmony. When people understand how their unique purpose and value delivery contributes to the business impact, it helps them become more confident in their role and communication. As a team, your business will then deliver your mission and value so eloquently to customers that they won’t help but nod their heads and get excited about your content and working with you. 

2. Team Engagement

When your team is clear on their purpose and how it aligns with the business, it rejuvenates their motivation and productivity and even opens new doors of performance potential. It connects the hearts and minds of the talent around your organization, helping people be viscerally motivated and enthusiastic to participate because they understand how their Brilliant Difference impacts and adds value to the Brilliant Difference of the organization. 

3. Client Attraction

Likewise, when you and your team are uber clear on your mission and you consistently communicate it within your marketing and sales efforts, clients will be more likely to respond to your targeted, clear messaging. When you make it possible for people to get behind your mission, your clients can then enjoy and relish in the benefits of the solutions you provide. 

So, What’s Your Brand Differentiator?

Remember, what makes your company different isn’t your offers and features. It’s: 

  • The purpose of your business in alignment with the purpose of your people. 
  • The impact your business delivers thanks to the impact of your team. 
  • Who your clients get to be because of your collective purpose, value, and impact.  

Defining your business Brilliant Difference™ and putting it into action to see results is easier said than done, but Leadership Coach and Performance Advisor, Finka Jerkovic can show you the way.  

If you’re serious about honing the unique value of your business and translating it to attract ideal clients, click the button below to fill out the Get Started form. We’re excited to connect with you and set you on a learning path that’s best for you and your team! 

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