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Overcome Imposter Syndrome at Work With the ImposteRRRR Solution 

Have you ever taken on a new project, role, or client, and suddenly you don’t recognize yourself? You’re most likely experiencing imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome is described as a state of feeling like a fraud internally despite external successful performance. And if allowed, this state can cause growth paralysis, preventing you from making Edge Moves™ and stepping outside your comfort zone. But don’t worry. I’m here to tell youfrom 20+ years of leadership development experiencethat imposter syndrome isn’t all bad. In fact, if you know how to work through it the right way, it’s a catalyst for growth. So, here’s how you can overcome imposter syndrome at work using the Finka Inc. ImposteRRRR Solution.   

If you’re a video or audio learner, discover the benefits of imposter syndrome and how it can be a growth accelerator by tuning into Episode 150 of the Your Brilliant Difference Podcast, “The Bright Side of Imposter Syndrome.”

ImposteRRRR Solution

The ImposteRRRR Solution is an imposter syndrome solution that I created to help leaders and teams overcome this state at work. Use it as a strategy to help you move forward when this state arises. 

1. Release

The root of imposter syndrome is anxiety and fear. Often, these are emotions you may try to mask and ignore, hoping they’ll go away. Out of sight, out of mind, right? I’ve been there. And unfortunately, it does the opposite. It will steep in your ignorance, building and building until it takes up so much space that you don’t have a choice but to face it.  

So, instead of bottling up imposter syndrome and letting it build until it’s ready to explode—feel it. Process the state you’re in and how it’s making you feel and behave. Only then can you release it. You need to feel it to release it. 

2. Rationalize

After you’ve acknowledged the emotional impact that imposter syndrome is having on you, you can then start the rationalization process. From the inspiration of Byron Katie, use these questions to help you ground your emotions to logic: 

  • What’s the story you’re telling yourself about the situation that’s causing imposter syndrome?  
  • Is the story you’re telling yourself true? 
  • How do you react and feel when you believe in the story you’re telling yourself? 
  • Who would you be without the story? 

For every fraudulent thought, tell yourself a truth about your talents and capabilities. Rely on your past experiences to fuel your journey through imposter syndrome. 

3. Reframe

This may be my favourite step of the solution. Instead of telling yourself, “Who am I?” when faced with something new, ask yourself, “Who will I be?” You’re not a fraud for trying something new; you’re an opportunity-taker who wants to grow and develop. Imposter syndrome means you’re stepping out of your comfort zone into a new territory. So really, it’s not something to shy away from. Rather, step into the new chapter of growth. 

  1. Original imposter syndrome mindset: I can’t do this. I’ve never done this before. 
  2. Reframed imposter syndrome mindset: This is an opportunity for me to grow in my career and skills.  

4. Rehearse

Imposter syndrome feeds on the worries of failure, so remedy it with moments of success. When imposter syndrome creeps up, rehearse experiences in your career where you nailed it and were proud of your performance and outcome. Chances are the situation you nailed was something you hadn’t done before, reminding you that you are capable and valid of conquering new things. 

Which ImposteRRRR Solution Will You Apply?

  1. Release: Feel the worry and anxiety to release it. 
  2. Rationalize: Define the story you’re telling yourself and swap the false parts for truths. 
  3. Reframe: See imposter syndrome from the lens of a growth opportunity.  
  4. Rehearse: Play back successful moments in your career.  

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Let’s take advantage of the bright side of imposter syndrome together!  

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