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Episode 0: Sell is not a bad four-letter word with Finka Jerkovic (Trailer)

Sell is not a bad-four letter word.

Does it feel like you have to give up a piece of your soul to sell your product, service or expertise?

Like you have to contort yourself into the always-be-closing, ‘mosquito-style pesky persistence or fear inducing frameworks, that have been the hallmark of used car lots and real estate brokerages in movies and TV.

If you’re ready to experience greater meaning in your work, reach the right clients and offer a valuable solution that people need, I can help you.
I’m Finka Jerkovic, author, coach and host of the Sell From Love podcast.

This is for all the entrepreneurs, small business owners, consultants and corporate sales leaders who are tired of the self-loathing, fear mongering, shame-based sales funnels too many of us get trapped in.

If you’re ready to sell with confidence, attract clients magnetically, and build a business you love, the Sell From Love podcast is for you.

Each week you’ll hear from real people, telling real stories about how they learned to sell without compromising who they were, what they were selling or who they were selling to.

Sell is not a bad four-letter word.

Sell from love – a better way to live, work and sell.

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