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A blue and white graphic with the Transformational Selling Podcast logo at the top, an image of a team working together in the workplace to the left, a headshot of Finka Jerkovic to the right, and the words in the middle "Episode 138: Your Number 1 Leadership Skill."

Episode 138: Your Number 1 Leadership Skill

Welcome to episode 138 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast. Your Number 1 Leadership Skill starts a new miniseries: Your Brilliant Coaching™.  

If there’s one skill that I’ve seen have a transformative impact on leaders, employees, and entire businesses throughout my 25+-year career, it’s coaching. I thought I knew what coaching was until I went through coaching training. It opened my eyes and broadened my horizons. It made me realize that I wasn’t actually coaching. I was managing. Managing people. Managing goals. Managing outcomes. And it wasn’t until I put my new coaching skills into practice that I finally saw an impact and change within the team I was working with. 

If you work in a corporate setting and are unsure if you’re coaching vs. managing and you want to bolster your coaching skills, then this miniseries is perfect for you. Within the next 3 episodes (including this one) you’ll understand the importance of coaching for career and team development and how to unlock the full potential of your entire team so they can bring their best in their workflows and for your clients.  

Here’s what else you will learn: 

  • The key difference between managing vs. coaching. 
  • The benefits of coaching on leadership.  
  • The importance of using open-ended questions vs. close-ended questions.  
  • How you can make your employees excited for coaching sessions and meetings.  
  • What transformational coaching is vs. transactional coaching and how both appear in the workplace. 
  • What the Johari Window is and how it can guide you in your coaching.  
  • The 3 key purposes and benefits of coaching. 
  • How coaching can have a prosperous impact on your ROI.  

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Start your journey of transformational, brilliant coaching now. Download the Your Brilliant Coaching™ Cheat Sheet to access a bank of coaching questions to start using in meetings to engage your team and drive desired business results.

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