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Athlete Performance Lessons

Episode 152: 3 Things You Can Learn From Athletes to Perform Brilliantly in the Workplace Arena 

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Last week, I went to a horse event in Kentucky with my daughter and some of her friends and their moms in our horse community. And watching the athletes perform really struck a chord with me — while we aren’t necessarily “athletes” at work, we do possess commonalities with horseback riders, hockey players, football players, etc. 

Listen to the full episode to witness 3 things I’ve learned from observing athletes and how these coaching and feedback elements can be applied in the workplace, helping us enhance our talent and performance.  

What to Expect

  • Key similarities and differences between athletes and employees in the workplace. 
  • The importance of coaching and feedback. 
  • Why coaching should be the norm. 
  • How to receive feedback and shift your mindset to cultivate growth.  
  • Feedback reminder: people are rooting for you. 
  • How you can turn critical feedback into a confidence booster and skill builder. 


00:00 – Introduction 

04:31 – Similarities and Difference Between Athletes and Employees 

09:14 – The Role of Coaching in Sports 

11:19 – The Concept of Coaching 

13:33 – The Importance of Feedback in Workplace Engagement 

16:05 – Feedback Mindset Shift 

20:29 – The Audience is On Your Side 

25:13 – Coaching Resource 

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