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Episode 157: Courage, Confidence, Clarity: What Selling From Love® Can Do for You and Your Business 

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For episode 157 of the Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast, I’m doing something I haven’t done before. Last Tuesday, I had the honour of spotlighting three of my Sell From Love® Coaching clients in my first-ever Sell From Love® Fireside Chat. Each entrepreneur and business leader shared their business growth stories, giving insight into how they’ve persevered through obstacles using the Sell From Love® Method and their Brilliant Differences™. 

If entrepreneurship has been a burning desire in your mind but you’re not sure where to start or are worried about what your journey could look like, this episode is perfect for you. Find courage, community, and comfort from three successful business leaders who I’m so honoured to know and work with.  

What to Expect

  • How each business leader carefully designed their business to help clients. 
  • What inspired these business leaders to say “Yes” to entrepreneurship. 
  • The highs and lows of their business journeys, and key lessons they’ve learned along the way.  
  • How they’ve continued to evolve and adapt their offers to meet clients where they’re at.  
  • How the Sell From Love® Method continues to show up in their business, and how being a Sell From Love® Coaching Member has influenced their business journey to date.  


00:00 — Introduction  

03:45 — The Nuts and Bolts of Business 

14:30 — The Big Decision, Leap Moments 

28:30 — The Transition to Entrepreneurship  

41:51 — Offer Adaption and Evolution 

57:49 — Sell From Love® in Action 

1:08 — Words of Wisdom  

1:16 — The Sell From Love® Coaching Program Details 

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