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Private Coaching to Support Business Leaders, Coaches, and Advisors on the Journey to Meaningful Sales Strategies and Increased Revenue

So, you’ve launched your business.

Now what?

You open your laptop and frantically search:

“What is a sales strategy?”

“How to attract customers.”

“Best practices to generate more revenue.”

You scroll and scroll and read and read until your brain is flooded with information and you can’t make sense of what’s right and wrong. 

Sighing from defeat and burnout, you shut your laptop and dread doing research, leaving it for another day.

Days turn into months, and months turn into a year, and you still haven’t moved your sales results, increased your revenue, or hit your profit goals.

That blank document sits idle as you do administrative tasks and watch your favourite Netflix show (let’s be real, we all need to unwind with a comfort show).

You’ve settled in now and have a decent customer flow, but your revenue isn’t where you imagined it would be.

If only you had a sound board to bounce ideas off of.

Well, now you do.


Sell From Love® Coaching

Whether you’re a business owner, freelancer, fellow coach or advisor, this business coaching program is perfect for you.

In private business coaching sessions, with me, Finka Jerkovic, you can pick my brain about all things sales.

Need to figure out how to attract the right clients? I can help.

Want guidance in hitting your next revenue target? I’ve got your back!

Need to fine-tune your sales strategy? Let’s collaborate!

I’ll get down in the dirt with you, pulling weeds and digging holes, so that when you finally stand up and wipe the sweat off of your brows, you can admire a beautiful sales garden of long-term success.

What it Means to
Sell From Love®

Traditional sales methods don’t work.

Well, they do, but not as well as the Sell From Love® philosophy.


Traditional sales tactics are based on transactional habits, like placing your price as your unique value proposition and relying on data and technology to cultivate a trusting atmosphere. Habits like these will force you to sell from a fear-based mindset:

“I’m not confident enough to build my network and connect with new customers.”

“I don’t have the courage to ask for sales.” 

“What is my client thinking about me?”

“I better close this deal.”

Having this negative mindset will not help you in your journey to becoming a confident and successful business leader.

“The fact that positivity correlates with great sales performance is almost intuitive. We want to be around positive people; we find them more charismatic and convincing. In fact, banks are more likely to give loans to optimistic entrepreneurs—the ones that dream big.”

Modern, holistic sales tactics are based on transformational habits, like personalizing your purpose with your clients and focusing on their wellness and problems. Habits like these will encourage you to sell from a love-based mindset:

“I’m excited to go out and meet new customers.”

“I’m excited and have the confidence to bring up sales conversations with nurtured clients.”

I’m grateful to present my solution and potentially help my client.” 

“I trust that my client will make the right decision they need at this moment in time.”

“Even if they say ‘No,’ other doors will open.”

The Sell From Love® philosophy is built on three principles:


Discovering your true value, honing it, and incorporating it to your advantage in your sales process.

Love Your

Putting your client at the heart of all that you do.

Love Your

Recognizing the true value of your offer by extending your value into it.

If you’re a business leader, coach, or advisor who:

Then Sell From Love® Coaching with Finka Jerkovic is exactly what you need!

Sell From Love® Coaching Packages

The Sampler

The Sampler package is a 3-month commitment and is perfect if you’d like to see what Sell From Love® Coaching is all about without committing to a full year.

You’ll get acess to:

  • 2 private coaching sessions per month.
  • 1 VIP group workshop.
  • Annual Sales Planning Retreat.

***$5,000 lump upfront OR $1,750 per month

The Go-Getter

The Go-Getter package is a 12-month commitment and is perfect if you’d like to get to work straight away and start seeing your business’ clientele and revenue grow within the year.

You’ll get access to:

  • 2 private coaching sessions per month.
  • 1 VIP group workshop per quarter.
  • Annual Sales Planning Retreat.

***$18,000 lump upfront OR $1,750 per month

Sell From Love® Coaching VIP Workshops

Workshop 1:
Signature Sales Style

The Signature Sales Style Workshop will help you define how you sell, lead, and deliver value so you can build trust and credibility, sell with more confidence, and be recognized and rewarded for your impact. 

Workshop 2:
Sales Planning and Strategy

The Sales Strategy and Planning Workshop will help you unlock extraordinary results and elevate your income, leadership, and impact.

Workshop 3:
Design Your Talk

The Design Your Talk Workshop will show you how to craft your message, sell your ideas, and present with confidence. 

Now's the time to:

Discover the rest of the secret sauce by downloading the Coaching Outline. Or if you’re ready to get work straight away, Book a Discovery Call with me or Sign Up for your desired package!

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