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How to Sell Better Without the Pressure of Fear

There’s a better way to sell that doesn’t require urgency or hustle. In fact, urgency and hustle can lead to the demise of your sales process and revenue growth, as it often segues into burnout and transactional, pushy sales tactics that your clients don’t appreciate. This makes me think of a strategy deployment conference I attended three years ago. I was coaching the attendees and overheard someone say, “We need people who are hungry and who hustle, and we need to get rid of the rest.” I couldn’t believe this person was saying this out loud to other leaders in the room, contributing to an unhealthy sales mindset. Here’s how to sell better—without pressure—using the Sell From Love® philosophy.  

How to Sell Better With the Sell From Love® Philosophy

The Sell From Love® philosophy is a principled way to sell that guides you from fear-based selling to love-based selling, helping you focus more on your client and what they truly need. 

Fear-Based Selling

Fear is a confidence-sucker. If you’re selling from a place of fear, you often lack the confidence to network with likeminded professionals and prospects, prohibiting you from meeting new customers and asking for business. You will often stress over what your client thinks of you and if you’ll close the sale or not.  

Love-Based Selling

When you sell from a place of love, you often feel gratitude and focus on the wellness and problems your prospect is facing. You’re excited to meet new customers, you holistically inject sales conversations into your networking, and you’re grateful for the opportunity to connect with your prospect. Even if they say “No,” you understand that other opportunities will arise down the road.  

So, how can you inject this philosophy into your sales process? 

Step 1: Love Yourself

With step one, you may feel uncomfortable because loving yourself and practicing self-acceptance are some of the most challenging habits for humans. Scientists believe it’s because our brains contain a negativity bias, meaning you minimize the positive things about yourself. It’s time to celebrate your positivity and value! So, how does this relate to sales? When you can love yourself, recognize your value, and appreciate what you bring to the table for your clients, you can build more confident conversations, helping you reach more customers and maintain long-term relationships.  

Step 2: Love Your Customer

When I say love your customer, I don’t mean writing them a love letter or giving them a hug. I simply mean put them at the heart of all that you do. Take a look at your communication and content pieces, as well as your conversations. If you’re using “I” more than “You,” flip your language to centre your client. They’re always the hero of the sales journey, so their dreams and pains should come before your offer’s benefits and features.  

Step 3: Love Your Offer

Understanding your personal sales value is one piece of the puzzle, and recognizing the value of your offer is another. By defining the value and impact your offer brings to your clients, you can approach your sales process with gratitude and confidence. For example, the impact of a financial advisor’s offer is giving people financial soundness and future stability. So, what are you actually giving your client if they partner with you? What transformation will they undergo? Your answer is the true value of your offer.  

Sell From Love® Support

If you recognize that fear is holding you back in your business, I can help! I offer a Sell From Love Coaching program that will help you build a meaningful sales strategy that attracts your ideal clients and gives you a steady revenue stream. Simply book a call below to get started. 

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