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Episode 139: Stop Talking, Start Coaching

Welcome to episode 139 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast: Stop Talking, Start Coaching.  

Continuing the Your Brilliant Coaching™ miniseries, I discuss everything you need to know about talking vs. coaching, so that you and your team can perform at your best with your unique strengths and achieve desired business results.  

When you’re in a meeting with your team, you may use the time to review numbers and metrics and offer strategies and ways forward to help them overcome obstacles. Unfortunately, this isn’t really coaching… it’s talking. And as a leader, this way of managing your meetings and team can actually put more stress on your shoulders and responsibilities on your plate. When you can recognize your talking patterns and learn how to switch them out for coaching patterns, not only will you stress less, but it gives your team a sense of ownership and innovation.  

Here’s what else you will learn: 

  • The differences between talking vs. coaching and what both look like in the workplace. 
  • Why coaching is more effective than talking.   
  • 4 reasons that lead you to talking instead of coaching. 
  • 4 things you need to surrender to be an effective coach and leader.  
  • The importance of allowing your team to seek their own problem-solving avenues and resources.  
  • Why your employees need to be in the driver’s seat of coaching conversations. 
  • How focusing on habits over results can engage your team and streamline change.   

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