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Episode 140: How to Be a Brilliant Coach

Welcome to episode 140 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast: How to Be a Brilliant Coach.  

This episode concludes the Your Brilliant Coaching™ miniseries, a string of soundbites that will help you deepen your coaching skills, bring the best out of your team, and inspire them into action.  

I don’t want you to just be a coach. I want you to be a brilliant coach, a leader that stands out and who employees genuinely enjoy working with. To be a brilliant coach, there is a crucial element you need to integrate into your style and conversation. And that’s Brilliant Differences™ (the special gifts people bring to make a meaningful difference and deliver value).  

Trust me. Asking questions and listening with Brilliant Differences™ in mind is a game changer for the growth of your employees and business. I’ve witnessed it for myself. Listen to my story and how to integrate Brilliant Differences™ into your coaching conversations.  

Here’s what else you will learn: 

  • The true job of a leader and coach. 
  • The biggest lesson I learned when working in leadership in financial services. 
  • How appreciating your employees can go a long way and create a meaningful impact. 
  • How appreciating your team also helps you appreciate yourself.  
  • 2 strategies to help you coach to Brilliant Differences™. 
  • Top 3 coaching reminders every leader needs.   

Download the Your Brilliant Coaching™ Cheat Sheet

Start your journey of transformational, brilliant coaching now. Download the Your Brilliant Coaching™ Cheat Sheet to access a bank of coaching questions to start using in meetings to engage your team and drive desired business results.

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