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Episode 155: Influence Stack Part 2: 5 Elements to Create Resonance with Stakeholders and Clients 

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So, you have a brilliant idea, message, or offer. You’re excited to get leadership on the same page as you for an important initiative that can support and excel the company. You’ve launched a new offer that will bring your clients powerful transformations. Yet when you have meetings and pitches, no action is taken afterward.  

It’s not that your idea lacked potential—it may be due to your communication and presentation execution. It may come down to your influence.  

In episode 155 of the Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast, I uncover the 5 layers of an Influence Stack. Essentially, the 5 elements you can start incorporating to nail and create inspiration in every conversation, meeting, and proposal with your audience.  

What to Expect

  • The importance of putting yourself in your stakeholder’s shoes.  
  • How to outline the emotional shift your audience experiences to create dialogue that matters the most to people you’re speaking to.  
  • How to outline the structure of a conversation, meeting, or presentation to cultivate resonance with your stakeholder.  
  • The power of storytelling and finding common ground with your audience. 
  • How to bolster your influence using your Brilliant Difference™. 


00:00 — Introduction  

02:18 — Influence Stack Framework Overview 

03:15 — The Stakeholder 

04:40 — Finka’s Personal Influence and Presentation Scenarios 

08:37 — The Shift 

12:26 — The Structure 

18:43 — The Story 

22:18 — The Style 

Download Your Own Influence Stack Framework

I’ve created a free, fillable Influence Stack Framework that you can fill out before every meeting and presentation, to help you bolster influence and resonance with your audience! Put this episode into action and download your copy of the Influence Stack Framework. 

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