You Have Bold, Brilliant Ideas.

You know the change you want to make within your organization for stakeholders and clients could be pivotal, transformative. 

Yet no one else sees it. No one takes action, buys into your idea, and gets on the same page as you. 

You might just need to fill in some communication gaps. 

If you’re struggling to convey your ideas into action-inspiring results, then this resource is perfect for you. 

The Influence Stack Framework teaches you how to prepare and structure every interaction so you can spark interest and resonance with your audience. 

Discover Your Influence Superpower

This resource is detailed and robust, but completely worth it to complete from start to finish if you’re serious about developing and strengthening your influence skills. 

Not only will you learn how to tailor and personalize your message to different stakeholders, but you’ll uncover how you uniquely influence people. You’ll uncover what your influence superpower is and how you can bring more of it into your workplace.

Inspired by Amplify Your Influence

The Influence Stack Framework is inspired by Finka Inc.’s Amplify Your Influence Skill Builder, a workshop made for leaders who want to transform their communication, resonate with stakeholders, and energize revenue and engagement in the business. 

If you’d like hands-on, in-depth training beyond a resource, read about the program. And when you’re ready, book a call with me so we can chat about designing your unique learning experience.