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Amplify Your Influence

An influence training workshop that helps leaders transform their communication, resonate with stakeholders and clients, and energize revenue and engagement within the business.

Words are just words until we breathe meaning and purpose into them. When you inject proper perspectives, emotion, storytelling, and presence into your conversations, words are no longer empty vowels and consonants—they’re tools that inspire change.  They influence. They influence customers to say yes to working with you. They influence your team to get excited about new projects. They influence stakeholders to buy into your ideas. But influence is a fine art that requires the use of right words and presence in alignment with your target audience. Continue reading to learn how you can master the art of influence skills and make waves in your business with this influence training program.

Who It's For:

This influence training program is perfect for companies with lackluster communication and presence. Tying into the Your Brilliant Difference™ philosophy, this program will help you define how you best communicate and present yourself so that you can resonate with your team, customers, and stakeholders. From crafting concise messages to confidently handling pushbacks, you’ll know exactly how to inspire change and safe, trusting decision-making.

This Influence Training Program Empowers:

Message Efficiency

Execute messages that inspire action in stakeholders, employees, and clients.

Elevated Empathy

Actively listen and understand diverse perspectives to form personalized, resonating messages.

Trust and Credibility

Become a trusted advisor and speak the same language as your audience to guide them toward safe decision-making.

Influential Leadership

Help your team recognize and understand the big picture of business changes and new opportunities, inspiring them to act.

Effective Problem-Solving

Analyze and observe concerns and diverse perspectives to elegantly handle pushbacks and move business forward.

Learning Inclusions:

Learning Outcomes:

2x stronger at effectively crafting messages others can understand and buy into.

2x better at managing pushbacks with ease.

Participants would recommend the Amplify Your Influence Program:


The Transformation

Your team will emerge from this influence training program as influential leaders who know exactly how to craft resonating messages while confidently managing pushback to safely guide employees, stakeholders, and clients to decision-making that will fuel business success.

Ready to Strengthen Your Brilliant Influence?

Our team can formulate a custom way forward that aligns with your influence goals and learning preferences.