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Your Brilliant Coaching

A coaching training workshop that helps leaders bring out the best in their teams so everyone can reach their full potential, perform without limits, and produce business results.

Coal may seem like a dark and dull substance, but when it experiences the right amount of heat and pressure, it transforms into a bright and shiny material. You get diamonds.

Everyone on your team, including yourself, has performance highs and lows. But when you notice a dip in your employees and they aren’t using their full potential, don’t disregard them for coal. Instead, practice meaningful coaching conversations that will help them shine brilliantly again and contribute to business success. When you ask the right questions and tailor your coaching approach to each employee, that’s when you’ll start consistently producing desired business results.

Who It's For:

Now that you know your Brilliant Difference™, it’s time to bring out the Brilliant Differences™ in your team. This coaching training program is geared toward companies that want to create better conversations between their leaders and teams that focus on fueling engagement, purpose actualization, and performance growth. By the end, you will have a robust coaching strategy that allows everyone to establish effective communication habits, creative initiative to produce new ideas, and the confidence to adapt to change and lead problem-solving. You’ll know how to have the right conversations without sacrificing team morale because you’ll know how to personalize your coaching conversations to every coachee’s Brilliant Difference™.

This Coaching Training Program Empowers:

Expanded Awareness

Determine what’s getting in the way of your team’s best performance so everyone can succeed and purposefully contribute to the business’ mission.

Transformational Coaching Skills

Cultivate the proper coaching skills to stop talking and start having confident coaching conversations that optimize results.

Confident Initiative

Let go of micro-managing and empower your team to take ownership of client relationships, projects, and strategy execution.

Proactive Employees

Foster an environment of Edge Moves™, where every employee feels confident and action-oriented to seek out and execute on new business opportunities to achieve desired results.

Enthusiastic Morale

Create an engaging and transparent environment where everyone is excited to come to work, collaborate, execute new projects, and reach their full potential.

Learning Inclusions:

Learning Outcomes:

300% boost in coaching skill confidence.

Increase in employee accountability and investment in results.

Improvement in ability to deliver “differentiated” coaching to each employee.

Increase in coaching quality and consistency.

The Transformation

After enrolling in this coaching training program, every leader on your team will transform into a confident coach who knows how to bring out the best in everyone. Employees will be equipped to emerge through every situation with innovative ideas and new opportunities that drive business growth and align with their strengths and purpose.

Ready to Transform into a Brilliant Coach?

We can formulate a custom way forward that aligns with your coaching goals and learning preferences.