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Episode 128: How to Give Your Most in a World Where Clients Want More

Welcome to episode 128 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast!  

This episode is the second segment of the Signature Sales Style series, and it’s a fitting topic for today’s current sales landscape. 

Everyone is looking for more out of a sales process. You are. Your clients are. Long gone are the days of solely spotlighting features and prices. These aren’t the conversations your clients are looking for. 

So, how can you bring more to the table for clients to build a “steady” partnership? By elevating your role, relationship, and results.   

In this episode, you’ll learn how to elevate all three of these elements so that you can become a stronger transformational seller, hone your sales style, and deeply connect with clients. 

Specifically, here’s what you will learn: 

  • What clients truly want out of a sales process and how to give it to them.  
  • The outcome sellers want to see come from a sales process and how to achieve it. 
  • The importance of your role and how you can update it to better resonate with clients. 
  • Why you should always deliver value-driven, customer-centric engagement. 
  • What the Hero’s Journey is and how to incorporate it into your sales content and conversations.  
  • How to define what your client is truly buying and speak to those desired goals and results in your content. 

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Are you ready to become more comfortable in your skin, drive value confidently in your own unique way, and ultimately become a respected and trusted leader? Download the Signature Sales Style Blueprint here. 

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