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Episode 133: 7 Tactics to Strengthen Your Leadership With Karan Rhodes

Welcome to episode 133 of the Transformational Selling Podcast! In this episode, author, founder, and leadership strategist, Karan Rhodes, joins me to discuss the importance of leadership and how it can benefit you in your sales arena. Her novel, Lead at the Top of Your Game, explores the theme of leadership in greater detail, and you can grab a copy on Amazon. Within her novel, as well as this podcast episode, she reveals the most important knowledge nuggets you need to help you lead at the top of your industry.  

Karan’s zest for leadership comes from watching her father and his friends, as they were pillars in their Georgian community. They each had their own unique expertise but worked as a cohesive team. About 18 years ago, Karan founded Shockingly Different Leadership, a firm that supports businesses in building better leaders and workplace cultures. 

In this episode, she shares her personal research and offers you a way forward with seven crucial leadership tactics you need to implement to improve your brand and impact. 

Specifically, here’s what you will learn: 

  • Why leadership is so important today. 
  • The consequences of not having strong leadership in the workforce.  
  • The importance of active listening. 
  • How to create a safe, and open communication environment.  
  • What a leadership brand is and how to build one. 
  • Seven tactics that will help you improve your leadership skills and be a go-to source in your industry.  

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