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Episode 145: Your Job Title Doesn’t Define Your Leadership — This Does  

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The traditional definition of leadership can actually be a doing a disservice to you and your company’s growth. Leadership isn’t just about guiding people and projects. Leadership is about staying committed to your mission when things get rocky. Leadership is about championing positive change and inspiring others. Leadership is about showing up wholly as yourself and taking initiative.  

In this episode, I debunk the traditional definition of leadership and redefine it to show you that leadership isn’t only limited to your job title. It’s not about what you do, but who you are. Listen to this episode and see if you’re ready to step into your best leadership self. You may already be there!   

What to Expect

  • Why leadership is not limited to those with a title. 
  • The distinct differences between leadership and management. 
  • How collaboration and leaving egos at the door are essential for effective leadership. 
  • What it means to be a brilliant leader.  
  • The 5 elements of brilliant leadership and how to apply them in your role.  


00:00 – Introduction to Leadership 

02:15 – Taking Responsibility and Making a Positive Change 

03:08 – Leadership vs. Management 

04:31 – Being Willing to Stand Apart and Walk in the Fire 

05:27 – Collaboration and Leaving Ego at the Door 

06:21 – Embracing and Being Seen in Your Brilliant Difference ™ 

09:26 – The 5 Elements of a Brilliant Leader 

20:05 – Summary and Call to Action 

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