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Leadership Confidence

Episode 146: 3 Strategies to Help You Address the Crisis in Leadership Confidence

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Did you know that confidence in leadership is at a decade low? Only 40% of organizations believe their leadership is high-quality, meaning a gaping 60% don’t. This leads to employees who don’t trust their bosses and a lack of purpose all around, leading to the demise of workplace engagement and retention. 

But not all hope is lost. There are 3 things leaders can start doing today to help themselves and their teams rediscover their value, purpose, and trust.  

In this latest Your Brilliant Difference™ Podcast episode, Finka Jerkovic provides leaders 3 ways forward to help them navigate the storm of the crisis in leadership confidence.  

What to Expect

  • What the crisis in leadership confidence means for organizations.  
  • How leaders can build trust with teams through vulnerability and connection. 
  • How burnout contributes to a lack of leadership confidence.  
  • The top precursors of burnout in the workplace and how leaders can address them. 
  • How bringing one’s unique strengths and talents (Brilliant Difference™) can create more purpose and trust in the workplace. 


00:00 – Introduction: Crisis in Leadership Confidence 

01:16 – Research on Leadership Confidence 

06:14 – The Importance of Purpose in Leadership 

07:11 – Strategy 1: Be More Vulnerable 

09:00 – Strategy 2: Address Burnout 

15:20 – Strategy 3: Refuel and Rejuvenate with Your Brilliant Difference™ 


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