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Helping Financial Service and Sales Professionals Define Authentic Leadership Styles to Create a Valuable Impact for the Entire Team

If you are a financial service or sales leader, then you understand that it can often feel like you carry the weight of the business on your shoulders. In a way, you do.

Leadership keeps employees engaged and passionate.

“According to a study in the Leadership and Organization Development Journal, employees' perception of authentic leadership serves as the strongest predictor of job satisfaction and positively impacts work-related attitudes and happiness.”

Leadership keeps your business moving forward and your team hitting revenue goals.

“A study by Daniel Coleman in a Harvard Business Review article, Leadership That Gets Results, reviewed and analyzed more than 3,000 middle-level managers to find out specific leadership behaviors and their effect on profitability. The results revealed that a manager’s leadership style was responsible for 30% of the company’s bottom-line profitability.”

Your Brilliant Difference™ leadership leaves an impact on your team, reminding them of their strengths and building their confidence, so they can sell at their best.

When these wheels of your business (employee engagement, revenue growth, and impact) are greased and align with your organization’s mission, that’s when you can hop in the driver’s seat, lift your foot off the brakes, and accelerate into a successful future.

However, you may believe this is easier said than done. Or is it?

Here are some red flags that signal you may not be in the driver’s seat:

All of these red flags are like the check-engine lights of a vehicle. Even if you don’t hear a screeching sound right now, down the road it can lead to an essential mechanism breaking, halting business growth.

So, what can you do to fix this?

Be a part of the Your Brilliant Difference™ program!

What is Your Brilliant Difference™?

TS Model Map

Your Brilliant Difference™ is the special gift you bring to the table in your work and personal life to make the world a better place!

Your Brilliance

A compilation of your talents, gifts, personality, skills, knowledge, and experience. Your brilliance is unique to you and is different from others. It is what makes you special.

Your Difference

It’s made to make a difference. This brilliant, unique, distinct package of you-ness is here to add value and make a meaningful difference to those you live and work with.

If you’re a finance or sales leader who wants to help your team:

Then the Your Brilliant Difference ™ program is exactly what you need!

So how will you achieve this?

Simply Book a Discovery Call and unlock:

*Past program participant results

The Your Brilliant Difference™ Impact


in leadership confidence.


in using their personal brand effectively.


in communication effectiveness and impact.

What Your Brilliant Difference™ students are saying:

“Thanks to this program, I know that I do not have to change to be a leader. I am who I am supposed to be.”

“I just thoroughly enjoyed the setup of the sessions, the collaboration, and the material overall. The crafting of the Brilliant Difference™ was very insightful and helped me to really think about myself and who I am as a person, who I want to be, and how I can achieve that.”

“I felt like Finka brought out my best self. We were able to pinpoint our Brilliant Difference, and she was able to show us how to fully take on this persona and own who we are.”

“It has definitely helped me be more confident in myself, which I have always struggled with. I've always focused on where I'm weak instead of realizing where I'm stronger and playing to those strengths.”