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2024 business plan

Episode 135: 5 Numbers to Focus on for Your 2024 Business Plan

Welcome to episode 135 of the Transformational Selling™ Podcast!  

As you turn on your computer, sign into all your accounts (try to remember all your passwords), catch up on emails, and plan your workflow for your first week back to work, it can be tricky to pick out the most important goals to focus on right away. But the truth is, whether you’re in a corporate environment or work from home as an entrepreneur, what you do with these first few weeks of the new year matters.  

It’s crucial to move forward with clarity, meaning, and intention, so that you’re not just taking a shot in the dark, hoping for the best. By prioritizing 5 specific numbers, you can grasp your outlook and hit your target with every task, habit, and solution.  

In this episode, I discuss some challenges you may encounter while planning for 2024, as well as what the 5 numbers are and how you can apply them in your work.  

Specifically, here’s what you will learn: 

  • Top 3 challenges of planning and how to overcome them.  
  • Why planning your business goals for the entire year isn’t the approach to take. 
  • The importance of balancing your self-work with your business work. 
  • The difference between working in your business vs. on your business.  
  • How to organize and prioritize your time.  
  • What it means to be in the 2% and how it can bring out your leadership.  
  • Why you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) target everyone.  

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