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Episode 137: Make Your 2024 Goals Stick

Setting goals is one thing, but actually working toward them and bringing them to fruition is another piece of the puzzle. In episode 137, I offer you tangible ways forward to help you stick to your goals and not get distracted by everything else happening in your life. 

There are two areas I’ll be focusing on. The first: 5 challenges that can get in the way of you maintaining progress in your goals. The second: 5 tools and techniques to keep you on a steady path toward the results you want to achieve.  

I know that there can be a lot of pressure with goal planning and maintaining habits to get you where you want to be, but I want to remind you: it’s okay that change doesn’t happen over night. We’re humans, not light switches. So, you can expect some enlightening reminders like these throughout the episode too, keeping you grounded and kind to yourself.  

Here’s what else you will learn: 

  • What a “tornado vortex” is and how it deters you from reaching your goals.  
  • How doing too much too soon can sabotage your goals. 
  • The importance of collaborating, brainstorming, and working with your team and colleagues.  
  • The true impact of visualization and how it can help you manifest who you want to be and what you want to achieve.  
  • How to make more meaningful decisions and prioritize what matters most.  
  • What psychological primers are.  
  • Why you need to get off the “hamster wheel” and slow down. 

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