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A blue and white graphic with the Transformational Selling Podcast logo in the middle, an image of a microphone to the left, a headshot of Finka to the right, and the words in the middle: Episode 142: A New Adventure for the Transformational Selling Podcast.

Episode 142: A New Adventure for the Transformational Selling Podcast

As one door closes, another opens… 

It’s time to share with you the news: this will be the final episode of the Transformational Selling Podcast, as I’ll be venturing into a new podcast adventure that will bring you an even better, value-packed experience.  

In this final episode, I explain why I’m making this change and how it’s important to adapt to business needs and audience preferences.  

I want to make this clear though: the change will be seamless, so don’t unsubscribe! Next week you’ll arrive with fresh cover art, a new about section, and of course a title. I’m incredibly excited to bring you a new listening experience that will help you show up as your best self at work and in your leadership.  

But for now, this is what I’ll leave you with: 

  • The change the Transformational Selling Podcast will be going through. 
  • Why I’m making this change. 
  • What to expect from the change. 
  • My podcasting journey to date and what I’ve learned.  
  • The best moments of the Transformational Selling Podcast. 
  • What the transformational selling pillars are, how to apply them within your work, and how they’ll be reinforced with the change.  

Transformational Selling Podcast Resources

Transformational Selling Proposal Framework 

Uncover six steps to follow that will help your sales proposal stick every time. (Download here) 

Amplify Your Influence Guidebook 

A fillable, online guidebook that helps you understand your current level of influence skills while providing you with an influence strategy to communicate with confidence, deliver value, and make a meaningful impact. (Download here) 

Signature Sales Style Blueprint 

A fillable document that you can download to help you formulate and discover what your Signature Sales Style is. By completing the blueprint, you’ll be able to understand exactly who you are, what your impact is, and who others get to be because of you in your sales process. (Download here) 

Your Brilliant Coaching Cheat Sheet 

tart your journey of transformational, brilliant coaching now. Download the Your Brilliant Coaching™ Cheat Sheet to access a bank of coaching questions to start using in meetings to engage your team and drive desired business results. (Download here) 

If you have a specific question or topic, you’d like me to talk about on the podcast I want to hear from you. Email me at to share it with me.  

And if you enjoyed this episode, please rate and review us on iTunes and pass it along to a friend or colleague that would also benefit from learning about Transformational Selling. 

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